The zip file contains the CodeWarrior stationery file
LBE_Dragon12_Plus to be used with the book
Learning By Example Using C Programming the Dragon12-Plus Using CodeWarrior
by Richard E. Haskell

The following book is available from Prentice Hall:

Design of Embedded Systems
Using 68HC12/11 Microcontrollers

Richard E. Haskell

You can download or view the  Preface and Table of Contents (.pdf files).

This book describes a version of Forth called WHYP (pronounced "whip") that will
run on 68HC12 or 68HC11 microcontrollers.  You can download a .zip file containing
WHYP and all the programs in the book.  This .zip file contains the latest versions
of WHYP with corrections to some of the program listings in the book.
The disk in the book contains a C++ program, HOST.CPP that can be used
to communicate through a serial port with the target board and download .S19 files.
You can download an executable HOST.EXE file from here.

Quick Start:  The following .zip files contain only those files needed for a particular
                        evaluation board.  The readme file describes how to load and run WHYP
                        for each of these particular boards.

M12A4.ZIP    Motorola M68HCA4EVB Evaluation Board
AX12A4.ZIP    Axiom CME12A4 Development Board
AX12B32.ZIP    Axiom CME12B32 Development Board
Mot12B32.ZIP  Motorola M68EVB912B32 Evaluation Board
                    (WHYP stored in on-chip 32KByte Flash EEPROM)
AxCME11.ZIP  Axiom CME-11A Development Board
M11EVB.ZIP    Motorola 68HC11EVB Evaluation Board  
M11EVBU.ZIP  Motorola 68HC11EVBU Evaluation Board  
                            (WHYP stored in the EPROM of the 68HC711E9 chip starting at $F000)
CLM12SDP256.ZIP   Axiom CML12S-DP256 Development Board for Motorola MC9S12DP256


Known bugs on the WHYP disk:  You can download the file that
contains corrections to all of the following bugs:

1)  In the file, WHYP12.HED, the address of (DO) should be 6C5 instead of 6C4,
     and the address of S.FILE should be 5D9 instead of 5D7.
2)  The 68HC11 .HED, .ASM and .S19 files need to updated to fix a problem in
the signed divide.  The latest versions can be downloaded from either the
AxCME11.ZIP, M11EVB.ZIP or M11EVBU.ZIP Quick Start files given above.
3)  In the assembly language code for fill.weights and firerules in WHYP12.ASM
the wrong machine code was assembled due to missing semicolons in the comments
that contain the # sign.  (The code is assembled as immediate mode!).  This has been
corrected in the files on this web site.
4)  The following figures in the book contain errors that are corrected in the .whp
files that are on
Fig. 7-9, p. 197
Listing 7-1, p. 210
Fig. 8-6, p. 225
Fig. 10-16, p.279 (missing ; at the end of init.key)
Listing 10-5, p.285
Listing 14-2, p. 377
Listing 14-3, p. 381-383


Forth web sites:
Forth, Inc.    --  Shows how Forth is being used in industry.
Forth Interest Group Home Page  --  Lots of Forth information and links
                                                                 Can download F-PC from here
Chuck Moore's web site

To practice Forth on a PC you can use The Forth Course, a set of 11 lessons that
use F-PC, a public domain, DOS-based Forth for the PC.  The zip file contains all
11 lessons plus an executable version of F-PC (F.EXE).  The complete F-PC system
can be downloaded from

An integrated development environment 68HC12 assembler can be downloaded from

A 68HC12 simulator that simulates the Motorola M68HC12A4EVB evaluation board
can be downloaded from

Information about an add-on board for the Motorola M68EVB912B32 evaluation board
can be found at


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