The 2004 International Multi-conference on Computer Science and Engineering at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

"The group"  Dr. Hanna, Dr. Spagnuolo, Mike Duchene,
Liz Lempicki, and Brooks Gross

Mike and Dr. Hanna getting ready for the "big talk"

Dr. Lee from NASA and Dr. Hanna working away...

Dr. Spagnuolo and Dr. Hanna -- "The chaperones"

Intelligent robot using Systronix JStamp

Intelligent robot using the new stuff :o)

The group on day 4 -- can you tell our fun-bags are getting full?

Caught in the casino...

The power-lab :o)

Us again

Organizing all the neat conference stuff before the day in the food court at the Monte Carlo

Liz and Brooks on top of the Stratosphere

Mike Duchene giving his presentation

The Systronix guys with the new JStamp Robots

Dr. Hanna and Dr. Spagnuolo on the ride toppling off of the Stratosphere
(over 125 stories up!)