The 2004 Science, Math, and Technology Expo
Bash at the Big House

A special thanks to all who participated
on behalf of Oakland University

The OU Presence

James Quinlan and the EMC

Dr. Spagnuolo showing the solution to the Rubik's Cube Mystery

Dean Bhatt introducing prospective students
to SECS (the School of Engineering and Computer Science)

She's at it again...

Dr. Hansen and Pat Beaver, two integral parts to coordinating
OU's presence at the SMT Expo

Dr. Elhajj showing the students his Internet robotics

Apparently Dr. Hanna's OU tie matches his pretzel ;-)

Dr. Elhajj dazzling students and parents

Dr. Elhajj, Dean Bhatt, James Quinlan, and Dr. Hanna

Jason Gorski enjoying the MTU - GVSU game

Jason Gorski showing Dr. Hanna's intelligent robots created
by undergraduate and graduate students

Dr. Hanna and astronaut Jerry Linenger

Jason's at it again...